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Why is a maxillofacial surgery performed?

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Yunzoo Oh
Why is a maxillofacial surgery performed?Maxillofacial surgery is performed when the function of the jaw needs to be improved when there is a need to relieve pain. Maxillofacial surgery can cover a variety of dental problems like treating oral diseases, removing impacted teeth, placing the dental implants when the mouth is being prepared for dental implants, and dentures when the diagnosis of chronic dental pain is needed.

What happens during the maxillofacial surgery.

Maxillofacial surgery varies. It depends on the procedure, and the problem is corrected. Some systems can be conducted in an outpatient setting, meaning one can go home the same day the process was carried out. While one might need several surgeries in some cases, this depends on what is being corrected. Local anesthesia is applied to the area receiving treatment. This helps in numbing the area and reducing pain and discomfort. After the procedure, the oral maxillofacial surgeon use stitches which close the wound. Cold packs can be packed in the mouth to protect against damage. They also absorb pus and blood.

What happens after the process.

After the surgery, the health workers place the patient in a recovery room so as one can wake up from the anesthesia which has been applied; discomfort and pain are experienced as the medication wear off. One might also experience swelling, bruising, bleeding, and limited use of the jaw and teeth. The team will give directions on what to do after going home and how one should take care of themselves during the recovery process.

To avoid bleeding, a surgical gauze is placed in the mouth, which absorbs excess saliva; antibiotics are highly recommended to prevent reinfection on the treated area. Painkillers are also recommended as the process is painful. They can be bought over the counter. A patient is advised to visit the surgeon to inspect the healing process.

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