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Does Gum Disease Treatment Change if You Have Missing Teeth?
Posted on 8/10/2020 by Arletta, Office Manager
Does Gum Disease Treatment Change if You Have Missing Teeth?
You may wonder if the treatment for gum disease changes when you have missing teeth versus all your teeth. While this may concern you, you don't have to worry. We are trained and have access to all the innovations in periodontal therapy. Therefore, we can guide you and help you with respect to your situation.

What Happens If I Have Missing Teeth?

If you have missing teeth or teeth that have been permanently lost to gum disease, we will treat the disease by scaling and planing the gums and roots and also adding implants. This is the most often used form of therapy when a patient already has lost teeth. In fact, because gum disease is the main reason for adult tooth loss, we can easily manage the situation. A dental implant will help you regain your smile while you are undergoing gum disease treatment. Implants have a 98% success rate, so they are recommended to treat a patient with gum disease that needs to fill in some gaps. To ensure the best outcome, we will treat the gum disease first before placing the implants.

What Happens after the Treatment?

After the therapy, we will continue to check the teeth and gums to see if the treatment has worked. In some cases, the pockets will still be deep and will need to be re-treated. Before we treat periodontal disease by getting rid of the tartar and plaque through scaling and smoothing the roots by planing, we measure the pocket depth. If the pockets are still too deep, we will need to schedule another treatment.

Would you like to learn more about gum disease therapy? If so, don't hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. The more interest you take in your dental health, the better the treatment outcome. Don't procrastinate if you have already lost teeth to gum disease. Contact our office immediately.

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