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How Water Can Ease Gum Disease Symptoms Slightly

Posted on 5/18/2020 by Arletta, Office Manager
How Water Can Ease Gum Disease Symptoms SlightlyWater is a restorer and healer. Therefore, it can be useful for treating symptoms of gum disease. Because gum disease can cause bad breath and dry mouth, water can provide hydration to ensure improvement in these areas.

Why Water Helps with Gum Disease Symptoms

The inflamed gums marked by gum disease result from a bacterial infection that forms from tartar and plaque. To fight off the bacteria, your body produces a natural bacteria fighter or neutralizer called saliva. Therefore, drinking water enables you to produce more bacteria-reducing saliva, which lessens the risk of gum disease. By drinking or rinsing with water, you also remove the bacteria that has yet to take hold in the plaque.

How Salt Water Helps Alleviate Gum Soreness and Swelling

Two of the symptoms of gingivitis or periodontal disease are soreness and swelling. These two symptoms can be treated with a salt water rinse. Salt has long been known for its healing properties. For example, swimming in salt water is known to condition the skin while the minerals in salt water treat achy muscles and reduce stress. Most of the health benefits provided by salt are experienced when you dilute it in water versus adding it to food. To treat inflamed gums, rinse once per day with warm water and salt. The salt in the water will kill unhealthy bacteria. To dilute the salt, add 1 tsp. of salt to a cup of warm water. Make sure the salt dissolves completely before swishing it in your mouth for 60 seconds.

Water is one small component in better periodontal health. Give us a call with your periodontal questions and concerns. If you have not had a complete periodontal exam (CBE), schedule an appointment with our office for testing now. Whether you have the beginning stages of gum disease or are experiencing a progression of the condition, give our professional periodontal team a call today.

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