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Gaps Between Your Gums and Teeth Can Significantly Increase Your Chances of Tooth Decay

Posted on 5/4/2020 by Arletta, Office Manager
Gaps Between Your Gums and Teeth Can Significantly Increase Your Chances of Tooth DecayGaps are not good when it comes to the teeth and the gums. Therefore, you need to have your teeth and gums deep cleaned if you notice gaps. When the gum pulls away from the teeth, or there is too large of a dental pocket, it gives the bad bacteria in the mouth an opportunity to settle inside the space or close to the gum line. When this occurs, it can lead to much more severe dental problems.

What Can Be Done about the Gaps that Form between Gums and Teeth?

The gums should fit snugly around the teeth to anchor them. Therefore, the depth of the dental pockets must be measured to check the extent of periodontal disease. This condition can be reversed by our periodontal team through a deep clean known as scaling and root planing. This dental treatment enables us to remove the plaque build-up and tartar that causes the gum to break away from the teeth. Once you have the cleaning done, you will need to wait for the teeth to heal and follow a regular routine of at-home dental care. You will also need to visit our team of periodontal professionals to help you stay on top of professional cleanings and care.

What Is the First Sign that Gaps Are a Problem?

Usually, the first sign of a problem that gaps have formed is dental sensitivity. You may find it difficult to bite down on the teeth that are affected by gum disease. When you notice this type of issue, you need to contact our office and explain what is happening. On your follow-up visit, we will examine your teeth and gums and measure the pockets. This will help us determine the extent of the gum disease. By taking this measure early, you can improve your dental health and preserve your teeth.

Do you have a problem with gaps? If so, call our experienced team of professionals about periodontal care. We want to ensure that you can maintain your smile for life. Call us today for an exam and evaluation.

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