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What to Do If You Feel Your Dentures Slipping

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Arletta, Office Manager
What to Do If You Feel Your Dentures SlippingIf your dentures slip when you first get them, this can happen as you make the adjustment to wearing them. You may have to see us about getting your dentures adjusted several times to ensure just the right fit. In some instances, dentures may slip because they have been worn a while and the bone has resorbed causing the gums to shrink. Therefore, the following information gives you the insights you need to keep loose dentures in place until you can have them checked.

How to Keep Loose Dentures in Place

To avoid the frustration of loose dentures while you wait to see us for an exam, make use of denture adhesive. Adhesive can be used as a cream, powder, or liquid. Adhesives can help, as the adhesive, when applied, mixes with the saliva, which causes the denture to puff out, thereby creating a strong hold between the dentures and gum. To avoid slippage and reduce the need for relines, you need to soak your dentures nightly to eliminate germs and to keep them moist. It is also important to brush your artificial teeth with a soft denture brush and keep you gums and tongue clean as well. You might want to use a water flosser to massage the gums and keep them clean when you remove your teeth.

Speak Slower and Eat Carefully

Two important rules – speak slower and eat carefully if your dentures are slipping and they are new. Doing so will help you get used to your dentures and prevent any added pressure, which can affect their alignment.

Whether your dentures are older or newer, contact us so we can examine your gums and make any needed denture adjustments. Call us today if you need to have a denture reline or you need assistance with getting used to your new dentures and keeping them in place. You can control the movement of your dentures. You just need to learn some of the techniques that will give you the confidence to wear them easily.

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