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You Need to Get Emergency Care for a Periodontal Abscess

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Arletta, Office Manager
You Need to Get Emergency Care for a Periodontal AbscessA periodontal abscess is one of the main reasons why people seek emergency dental treatment. Getting immediate dental treatment is crucial because if this condition is left untreated, it can cause severe repercussions for both your oral and general health. Understanding the various symptoms and warning signs will help you avoid the severe consequences of periodontal abscess.

Symptoms of Periodontal Abscess

A periodontal abscess is a very serious dental emergency. This is because an abscess is a pus-producing infection that might cause swelling and pain. It is important that you get immediate treatment to avoid serious consequences. In most cases, the infection occurs around the root of a tooth containing connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. The condition can also occur between the tooth and gum. Seeking immediate treatment helps prevent the condition from spreading into other areas. Some of the common signs that show you are dealing with periodontal abscess include a severe toothache with dull pressure and sharp pain. You might also experience the swelling of gums and pain when chewing food.

Treatment Options for Periodontal Abscess

Treatment for periodontal abscesses will be customized to fix specific problems you might be experiencing. However, in most cases, we use a combination of various treatments. For instance, we can drain the abscess, the most effective method of treating an infected or abscessed tooth. In this procedure, a small incision is used to get the pus out, eliminating the condition. Another common method is the root canal procedure. This procedure is used to remove the arteries, nerve, and vein in the tooth root. When a tooth is infected with an abscess, a root canal procedure helps get rid of the infection and drain out the abscess. This procedure is ideal for advanced cases of periodontal abscess. Visit our offices for more information on the need to treat a periodontal abscess.

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