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What are the Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Evan Admin
What are the Common Causes of Tooth SensitivityTooth sensitivity is an oral condition where you experience sharp pain after exposing your teeth to cold or hot temperatures. While tooth sensitivity doesn't cause devastating damage, it can make life very uncomfortable. This is why you need to come in for treatment immediately you notice signs of tooth sensitivity. Several factors cause tooth sensitivity; some of them include;

Brushing too Hard

When you brush your teeth too hard, you increase the chances of tooth sensitivity. While brushing is the best way to protect your teeth against infections, doing it wrong can make things worse. We recommend that you brush your teeth twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush. This helps get rid of bacteria safely and effectively. It would help if you also brushed gently without exerting too much pressure.

Brushing vigorously and aggressively could damage your tooth enamel. Remember that the tooth enamel is an integral part of the tooth that protects it against bacteria intrusion. Brushing aggressively wears off the enamel layer, leaving the underlying sensitive tissues exposed. When you drink hot or cold beverages, you will feel a sharp pain as the drink gets in contact with the exposed dentin. This is why you shouldn't brush your teeth aggressively.

Dental Cracks and Chips

Another common cause of tooth sensitivity is dental cracks or chips. When you have a crack in your teeth, exposing it to extreme temperatures will result in tooth sensitivity. Dental cracks are a result of a wide range of factors. For instance, you can fall and chip your teeth. The same could also happen if you develop dental cavities. These are tiny holes in your teeth that result in significant discomfort when eating. Severe cases of tooth sensitivity could result in oral infections. Contact us for more information on the causes of tooth sensitivity.

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