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Can You Have Gingivoplasty Performed In Conjunction With Gingivectomy?

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Evan Admin
Can You Have Gingivoplasty Performed In Conjunction With Gingivectomy?When your gums experience damage from periodontal disease, you may receive a gingivectomy. The procedure works to remove the pockets from the gums where bacterial plaque, as well as tartar, are likely to collect. Removing the pockets allows your gums to heal effectively since the infection is unable to occur in the pocket. Often, if there is an infection in the gum pocket, it delays the healing process after treatment. One of the questions you may have is whether gingivoplasty can be performed alongside gingivectomy.

The Answer is Yes!

When a dentist removes the pockets, the gums may look somewhat unsightly or misshapen. Your gumline may be crooked or jagged, and it may not appear very natural from one tooth to another. If this happens, you may require gingivoplasty.

A dentist performs the gingivoplasty procedure to help reshape the gums by cutting them so that they look more natural. The dentist uses a laser or scalpel to even out the gumlines more precisely. Since gingivectomy is crucial for treating gum disease and gingivoplasty offers a great way of improving the aesthetic look of the gums, it means that both procedures can be performed in conjunction with each other.

Once the infected pockets are removed, the dentist reshapes the gums through gingivoplasty to make them look more appealing. The dentist will determine if you need gingivoplasty or not depending on how your gums appear after performing the gingivectomy procedure.
Advancements in laser technology make oral procedures more effective and easier to perform. Dentists can perform more precise procedures with a laser. Gingivoplasty laser procedure also heals faster because of the cauterization. It also reduces the chances of having an infection on the operated site.

Find out more about gingivectomy and gingivoplasty by contacting our periodontics team. Set up your appointment today with our team. We will explain what these procedures entail and when you need them.

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