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Eating The Right Kind Of Carbs Can Help You Avoid Gum Disease

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Evan Admin
Eating The Right Kind Of Carbs Can Help You Avoid Gum DiseaseCarbohydrates or carbs make an important component of your diet because the glucose our body gets from them helps supply energy and regulate metabolism in the cells. However, carbs can also elevate the amount of glucose in the blood, causing chronic inflammation. Additionally, conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and chronic inflammation increase the odds of suffering from periodontal disease, an infection that arises from dental plaque.

Concerns over Carbs' Impacts on Oral Health

Many people are concerned about the effect that carbs cause on their oral health. So they choose to either extremely restrict carbs intake or cut them out from their diet altogether. However, going into these hardline approaches is likely to deprive you of the advantages that come with carbs, particularly in maintaining good health.

What is the Key?

A better way to approach this issue of carbs intake is to first understand that not all carbohydrates are the same. The key is that different carbs are able to convert glucose at different rates as seen in the glycemic index scale. Carbs that tend to digest faster are like to cause spikes in blood glucose, also referred to as high glycemic. The ones that digest slower are referred to as low glycemic.

In order to avoid blood glucose spikes, you need to consume more amounts of low-glycemic foods while limiting the intake of high-glycemic food products. These foods include unrefined carbohydrates such as legumes, vegetables, greens, nuts, and whole grains. You should limit or avoid refined or processed foods that have added sugar including white rice, pastries, or mashed potatoes. Besides, low-glycemic foods contain higher amounts of nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy bodies and mouths. Feel free to contact us to learn more about what carbs you need to eat to help avoid gum disease and maintain a healthy bite and body.

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